Extracurricular Involvement

This page should showcase your extracurricular work including athletics, student clubs and organizations, volunteer work, community involvement, part-time employment, job shadow experiences, workshops, conferences, etc. Here is where you can discuss your leadership, motivation, and passions in school and in life!

This page should represent your future academic and career aspirations. The viewer of this page should have a clear understanding of a career path you may be considering and/or what your plans are once you graduate high school (military, full-time employment, etc.) Think of this as a supplement or an extension of your resume.

Use this page to highlight your hobbies, interests, and any additional skills you have which have not already been highlighted elsewhere in the portfolio. Perhaps you have traveled extensively, or you have coordinated major fundraisers? Articulate the real-world experience you have already gained while in high school and explain how those experiences will help you achieve your future goals and be a successful and productive citizen once you graduate from BHS.

Images and videos should definitely be included on this page.

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